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Performance Tuning - More mileage, less gas consumption

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

I know, I know. This sounds super counter intuitive. How can an engine produce more power but in return produce better mileage and make gas station trips less frequent?

Everything comes down to how you use your car, and how you drive. We just give you a better tools to work with. Think about it as washing your car with a hose or a decent water blaster. Get the right tools for the job - and things work a lot smoother and more efficient.

When we modify the factory software of an engine, most commonly modified components are fuel, air amount (boost on turbo charged and supercharged engines) and timing advance.

For example your trusty Hilux is a great ute, with a sturdy 2.8L Turbo Diesel. Stock car produces 177hp and constantly fights the aerodynamics of a brick. Passing lane requires a very decent roll on. You end up spending quite a long time pushing that accelerator to the floor. While you do that, you have that tap open for 20 second or so.

Imagine having another 100nm of torque and 40hp more hp. This is when you don't need to wait for the Hilux to think about whether it even wants to move forward. You push the accelerator, Hilux give you that much needed pull and you have overtaken that caravan in just about half the time.

In short - while overtaking, you did use the full power, with more fuel and higher boost, however you did it in 13 seconds instead of 20. Do that multiple times and it starts to show as 9.5l/100km vs 11l/100km.

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