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Toyota Hilux Tuning - Breath of hope for daily truck.

You have one, your mate had one, you will see another 10 today. When one gets released, it becomes an instant classic. Let's add a finishing touch to it - 40 hp and 85nm of torque! That's close to a 20% POWER UP!

I don't see a point in explaining to you what Hilux is. Its been around for longer than most of us have been on this planet. The OG of utes, originally released in 1968, Hilux has become the eponym for UTEs, Just like Panadol, Kleenex and Xerox.

We will cover the previous, 7th Gen 3L in the next blog, today I would like to dissect the 2.8L Diesel that comes in 8th Gen Hiluxes. By the way, if you are not one for reading, here is a video with a full dyno walkthrough.

So, What did we get from the factory? On the surface stats look pretty standard and "not too bad". We are starting with 450 Nm and 175-ish Bhp (130kw). However, as soon as you got for a drive - something doesn't seem right. This doesn't even feel like 400nm. It's there, but for a split second and then nothing, but mild disappointment.

This has to do with how the truck delivers its power.

So, what's wrong?

Below is the snippet of the torque distribution of Hilux. Grey line is stock UTE, Blue line is our daily tune, designed for high Km driving and reliability.

Quite quickly you notice that 450nm claimed lasts you 200 rpm, and after that, it's all downhill. The FIX? Peak-to-peak we are getting 82 nm of torque, however, the most important part to see here is how it affects the driving experience.

The new Torque curve delivers your previous "peak" torque 400 RPM earlier, and brings it back at 2700 rpm, 700Rpm later. Point 1: You have the torque for an extra 1100RPM longer! So, we've extended power duration. More power? YES! All the way through!

Point 2: Even in midrange you have 72 Nm more torque. This means no more guessing what gear you should be in to make that up the hill passing lane.

So, more torque = more horsepower?

Yes, it's a math equation. Check out a snippet from our Hilux tuning video.

Hilux Tuning Horsepower

Literally from the moment you take off from the lights, your driveway or be it a passing lane, you have 40 bhp more to play with. Remember how it used to die closer to

3500-4000 rpm? Well, no more, as you have an extra 60 hp there! This is the difference between completing a safe overtake manoeuvre or pulling back in halfway through. In shame. Still stuck behind that Prius.

Fuel consumption? We have a separate article here (opens in new window): More power - Less fuel!

TL;DR - You can make your Hilux quite a bit better with our software package, More power, Easier acceleration. Bring that excitement of a new car to your UTE!

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