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Can NZ Best selling ute get any better? Yes it can. By a lot.

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Ford Ranger doesn't need any introduction. If you don't own one - one of your friends will have one. Ranger is a workhorse, hauler and tow rig. On average there will be 30 Rangers with trailers at Half Moon Bay boat ramp every weekend. Brilliant truck with years of ironing things out.

Chi Tuning Ford Ranger
Dyno Tuning Ford Ranger

In its current form, there are not many things that stand out as an issue. Yes, the creaks, some weird wind noises, a bit floaty at high speeds. Just most of them can be easily ignored. There is only one issue that gets brought up all the time. Constant hesitance in getting the bloody ute to move. That little delay from traffic lights, that extra lazy overtake. As most Rangers are driven on the daily basis, you encounter the lack of power quite a bit.

Can Ford Ranger have decent power? Yes, with a Performance Software package from Speed Ministry.

Just like every modern vehicle Ranger is fitted with ECU that runs very lazy factory parameters. How lazy? You missing out on at least 40hp & 110nm of torque.

We have a Dyno-proven software package for 3.2L Ford Rangers, From 2011-2016.

Here is what the numbers look like on our Mainline 1200AWD Dyno.

In 2WD mode, 2015 Ranger produces 149 Wheel Horse Power and 344.9Nm of Torque.

Let's dissect the torque first, as it is the most important part of the diesel engine.

Peak Torque - a solid 100nm at the wheels jump right at 2150 RPM, and most of it stays with you right up till 3300 RPM. This is a huge 29% increase in pull. Imagine a truck pulling a whole 1/3 stronger! If we trust in Ford's factory claim that this engine makes 470nm from factory - a tuned version makes a strong 470*1.29=606nm at the engine.

The second part is Horse Power, something that you will need on those passing lanes.

Horse Power - On dyno the 200hp Ranger puts out 149.0 WHP at the rollers. This drivetrain loss is on part with Hilux, BT-50 and few others. With our Performance software, Ranger now produces 179Whp at 3300Rpm. if you look at the graph above, you will see that all the way from 2100rpm to 4000 RPM car holds that 30Whp gain without a single drop. Math for engine gain 30WHP gain = 21%. Factory engine claim 200hp *1.21= 242hp.

To sum it up

With our Performance Software, you could get your Ranger massive 242Hp and 600Nm of torque!

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