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CanAm Maverick Performance Tuning - it goes HOW FAST?!

While being a reasonably new concept on the market, CanAm is taking the off-roading to a whole new level. Even 5 years ago you needed either a custom made caged buggy, or a built off-roader. Blokes at BRP decided that we need something a bit more out-of-the-box fun. And they nailed it.

I am not going to write up how great these things are, what you can do with them. Most likely you have one and know how insanely awesome The Maverick is.

What we want to talk about is performance of these things. In particular, Maverick X3 Turbo machines. Car in question is 2019 Maverick X3 RC, with a factory claimed power output of 172 BHP at the engine. Quick, fast, but not heart stopping. Lets give it that wild edge!

Over the last few years we have seen these machines being taken way past 200hp mark, some Mavericks were sent north of 300 BHP with bigger turbos and ethanol. But we will not talk about this, we are interested in what the X3 Turbo R Is capable of with Performance Tune and stock components. Even with stock air filter.

Here is what the numbers look like on our Mainline 1200AWD Dyno.

In 2WD mode, 2019 Maverick X3 RC Turbo R puts out a very respectable 141.5 Wheel Horse Power. This is very much in line with 22% expected loss from transmission and softer tyres (Maxxis at 15PSI). So from this point 172BHP at the engine is 141.4 WHP on Dyno.

The lines look a little bit unusual due to the fact that Maverick utilizes twin clutch Transmission. How does it work? As soon as you press "GO!" pedal, you will see the RPM jump to around 7000 an then the gearbox will play catch up to the engine.

Having a proper dyno like our Mainline 1200 AWD is mandatory. We can do a full run on a Maverick and see the power from 15 Km/h to 115 km/h, and to see the power through full rev range.

Our tune for the maverick is based on 98 Octane fuel, which you could find at BP and Gull sites. Gull Force 10 is my fuel of choice, as it has 10% Ethanol which helps with timing on high performance machinery.

So, what do we have? A whooping 162.8 WHP, which translates to an eye watering 200+ BHP. That's right, a stock CanAm Maverick is capable of solid 200 Hp with our tune. Not an empty claim. Confirmed, on dyno.

Couple of important points from looking at the dyno runs.

  1. Peak power comes in a lot earlier than stock.

  2. Your stock 140WHP Peak power is now right in the beginning.

  3. Power gain is solid, all the way from the beginning to the end, without drops.

  4. Instant accelerator response (yes, we adjust it in the tune).

  5. Happier engine, which runs colder due to proper Air to Fuel Ratio.

  6. Better fuel economy. Why? Our article explains it in details.

First impression on trail - This is an absolute weapon. Before the tune, you could go foot flat quite a bit. With our tune - no, way too scary. Throttle modulation is a must. Things come at you with supersonic speed.

For the advanced drivers - You need about 30% less distance for a run up to a jump. Dead serious. Just don't overshoot where you jumping. Its a bit violent.

Best part about it - Absolutely safe, controllable and predictable. Well worth it.

Side note - Maybe you dont need to buy 2020 model that does 195BHP? Just tune your current one!

To sum it up

With our Performance Software you could get your Maverick massive 200hp+!

Send us a message (Click here) or give us a call/txt today to book yours in!


Ryan T - [Speed Ministry]

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